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Therapy for Adults and Adolescents
Offering Convenient Online Therapy in New Jersey & Florida


This page is under construction. I am in the process of filling it with lots or wonderful resources about various mental health issues, coping strategies, book recommendations and more. In the meantime....

I know the thing forefront on people's minds at the moment is the COVID-19 virus and so wanted to take this opportunity to mention the benefits of online therapy and provide a few resources about how to talk to your kids about the virus and some relaxation techniques to manage anxiety.


Talking to your kids about COVID-19:

Check out the recommendations provided by Child Mind Institute

BrainPOP put together with wonderful educational video about the virus:​

Relaxation Techniques/ Coping skills:

  • Spend time outdoors/ in nature

  • Avoid watching the news obsessively (try to limit yourself to once or twice per day) and try to limit your information gathering about the virus to reputable news sources not social media.

  • Try some yoga or meditation- see the link below. There are plenty more videos on YouTube and wonderful meditations available on apps such as InsightTimer, Calm, Headspace

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